A strange vision on aarslev meadows in the year 1600

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Subtitle: As documented by Holger Rosencrantz. 

Pages: 40 sidor. Perfect-bound paperback.

Size: 210 x 148 mm.

In 1600 in Denmark a group of peasants had a strange vision which struck them with wonder, amazement and fear. 

Different explanations have been presented during the centuries; ranging from a strange weather phenomena, an omen and the act of God, to the more spectacular claim that they witnessed the first recorded UFO sighting in Denmark. 

The vision was documented by the Danish nobleman and scholar Holger Rosenkrantz, who interviewed the peasants shortly after it happened. 

This book does not present an explanation concerning the nature of the vision. It is as far as we know the first English translation of the eyewitness accounts. 

The translation is based on the oldest available source document of what happened outside the small village of Aarslev (Årslev) in Denmark 415 years ago.  

In English

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